folding glass doors are a great design feature to help bring the outdoors in, and they come in a wide range of configurations and sizes. When open, they allow a seamless, uninterrupted connection to the outdoor environment. The flexibility to specify doors that fold in or out has been particularly helpful in incorporating the product into a design.

Model HSW65 installed at Lift Bar Grill. Manufactured by NanaWall Systems.

In terms of energy performance, the Nanawall has a superior air lock, when compared to conventional sliding glass doors. This reduces air infiltration. A similar comparison would be between single/double hung and casement windows. Glass can be ordered direct from Nanawall, or through your local installer. The frames accommodate a variety of glass thicknesses, so you can basically specify any type of high (or low) performing glass. The product qualifies for a number of LEED credits and can exceed Energy Star by 20%, depending on the type of glass you select.

Nanawall makes Miami Dade compliant aluminum doors up to 8'-0" tall; the one drawback, though, is that the Miami Dade series (SL72) does not have a thermal break. This, however, is typical for hurricane resistant aluminum frames. The other series do come with a thermal break. I have used the aluminum frames before and they look great. The wood frames, which are also available with FSC certification, look quite nice.

Adding a screen to a Nanawall is a bit more complicated than with a conventional slider. The company now makes a sliding screen with frames that match the doors. While the doors look better without it, most of our clients require a screen for obvious reasons. If the doors swing out, I have also seen roll down screens and side rolling screens used in conjunction with the Nanawall.


Image courtesy of Zero Energy.

Nanawall will fabricate matching transoms (and windows) that can go above the doors. The company is also making a curtain wall system with custom shapes, but I don't have any experience with that product line. Note that with the non Miami Dade series, the available size doors are quite large (both in height and panel width). The inset sill looks great, provided wind driven rain is not too much of a concern and you have the option of the top or bottom hung door, depending on the application. The doors operate with ease, despite their weight.

Bottom line, Nanawall is a high performing glazing system with the aesthetics to complement any design. With such specification flexibility, the product can be used effectively in any climate.

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