My Blue Heaven

It’s no surprise to many of us that blue is back. It’s been sneaking in under the guise of a good counterbalance to chocolate brown for several years, making its appearance known in stylish homes of trend setters and hipsters. But be on the lookout for classic blue and white combinations to make their appearance in a living room near you.

I know what you’re thinking. Chintz. Toile. Delicate florals. Yes, they are coming in a big way. But rest assured: this is not your grandmother’s fabric we’re looking at this year. If the Paris runways are any indication (and they always are) we’re looking at a study in contrasts. Bold geometrics counterbalanced by delicate Asian motifs. Loud florals that would make you blush if it weren’t for their undeniable appeal.

One of the more problematic aspects of a major trend shift such as this is the ability (or inability) to integrate blue with our palette. More challenging yet is the ability to conceptualize a space that doesn’t conjure up images of “chintz gone wild” from decades past.

Take a page from designer Ashley Whittaker’s home, featured in House Beautiful:

The below image is from a home she designed for a family in Southampton. Since the floor plan affords views of many rooms at once, she had masterfully create a connection from room to room without making the overall look too uniform.


“When you enter the house there are four rooms that come into view -
living room, dining room, sunroom, and kitchen. We wanted them to work
together but not “match.” The blues tie the rooms together, but what
really makes it all pop is the pink, coral, and yellow you see in the
sunroom beyond.”

Somehow she manages to pair turquoise walls, wicker stools and classic chintz patterns without looking staid or feeling restricted to a limited palette. And while the home is undeniable in its Hamptons appeal, the lesson to be learned from Ashley is that the idea of blue and white doesn’t have to be limited to a French toile on the wall. That iconic David Hicks carpeting can live alongside classic French cafe chairs in perfect harmony and still leave room for modern stools from West Elm. In fact, Hicks has entire collections of floor covering with a range of blues as the unifying color.


Another sure sign that the color is making a strong statement: Pottery Barn is ripe with options for infusing blue into your surroundings. Whether it serves as a counterpoint to yellow or is featured as the central hue, blue is well on the way to becoming a color of importance this calendar year. My advice for all of you thinking of freshening up up your interiors for 2008 is to buckle up. We’re headed for a strong swing in a new direction and blue is definitely a part of that future.

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