Couches That Are No Slouches!

Statutory Warning: All those who suffer from the “Couch Potato Syndrome” should read this article at their own caution.

When we hear the word “couch”, most of us conjure images of a ubiquitous piece of furniture, which is a staple to all living rooms. However not all couches have to be of the common variety.

Hence, we thought why not do a story on couches that are made of stuff that couch potatoes and design connoisseurs dream of. Technically some of the selections may not be “couches” but as long as we get to park our derrière on them whose complaining?

Image courtesy of kosmonautica.


Orikami Sofa. Designed by Karim Rashid.

The Orikami Sofa

- New York based designer Karim Rashid doesn't restrict his creations to any one demographic. It also doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Orikami seeks its inspiration from the Japanese art of Origami. The Orikami may not adhere to the traditional sofa design from any angle but that's where its beauty lies. The shape is elegant yet peculiar and the steel chrome base manages to give it a modern vibe.

Music Sofa

Music Sofa. Designed by Giongkun Wuqiongkun.

Music Sofa

- Being an audiophile and a self-confessed couch potato, the Music Sofa is my new must have object. Giongkun Wuqiongkun is the man behind the rather banally titled Music Sofa which looks like something that Austin Power would owe (me and AP appreciating the same design, now that's a scary thought). Hip, Retro and Cool, the Music Sofa does make the traditional couch defunct and comes equipped with wireless speaker set-up and a CD Player.


Moroso Volant Range. Designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Moroso Volant Range

- Unless you are living under a rock, chances are you have heard of Patricia Urquiola. Designing high end furniture for brands, which I won't be able to afford at least in this lifetime, Miss Urquiola is constantly challenging the traditional design norms.

The Volant Range is no different and consists of a sofa, armchair, chair and stool. The sofa frame appears orthogonal but in reality is trapezium shaped for adapting to the line of the back and seat. Urquiola also believes that the Volant Range is different since it's the actual upholstery fabric that defines and creates the product and somehow we take her word for it!


Bulldang. Designed by Hirohiko Kamiya.


- Designer Hirohiko Kamiya tries to break away from the mundane and adds some excitement in out structured existence. Relax I am not going on philosophical on you (yet) but actually want to bring to your attention Bulldang seat. So what exactly is the Buldang?

The Bulldang Seat is an amalgamation of functionality and creativity as it claims to be modular armchair-sofa that is de-structured, padded, and segmented tube. Nine meters long, the idea is to create a seating arrangement according to moods and needs. The design possibilities are endless and the cloth which ensures protection against wear and tear has been provided by Dupont Neotis Studio.


Revolutions Per Hour Sofa. Designed by Fabio Novembre.

Revolutions Per Hour Sofa

- The RPH sofa may or may not help you channel the inner rebel in you but it sure will reflect your good taste. The unique selling point of the RPH Sofa is its ability to exist as a unit or in several separate parts. Also the resemblance to the Cubetto armchair and Le Corbusiers chaise-longue is no coincidence as the designer admits being inspired from the two iconic furniture pieces. And here I thought that the inspiration was the good old bar-code!

The sofa has been constructed from polyurethane foam metallic internal frame and designer Fabio Novembre explains why he chose such an intriguing name:

"How many revolutions can we make in an hour on a sofa? We can sit and plan it, or lay down and dream it, or eventually make love. Isn't that the real revolution?"

In case you are wondering we didn't get it either!

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