Better than Novacaine

I am sitting at the dentist's office in one of those curvy, overly hygienic chairs waiting to have a tooth filled. Yes, the Girl Scouts and their little cookies finally got me (the Thin Mints to be precise). I begin sweating profusely because I know that in a few minutes when I start slurring my "R"s and can't pronounce the word "THE" that the drilling will begin. It's not like I feel anything. It's just the whirring sound of the . . .

The VIP Personal Luminous SkyCeiling. Manufactured by the Sky Factory.

This is when I look up and see you. You are so ethereal set back within that 5/8" suspension grid. Where did you come from? You are much more interesting than that dull, mind-numbing acoustical ceiling panel system I am accustomed to seeing. Even just that long, winded name makes me quiver (as if the incessant buzzing of the drill and the jabbing at my tooth is not enough).

Exactly when did my dentist develop this unique sense of style? I lose myself staring at your exquisite branches with all of those pink fluffy cherry blossoms. Wait! It's winter. There aren't any cherry blossoms this time of year. You're not real - you're photo real! Very sligh.


My continued fixation on you begins to induce flashbacks to when I was 8 years old. You remind me of those endless summer days when I would just lay in a large field of overgrown grass and watch the clouds drift on by. Every once in a while I would spot a white fluffy elephant or a turtle that would form in the clouds; eventually turning pink as the sun would set. As I stare at you, I can't help but feel rays of sun beat down on my face bringing out all of my freckles. I am 8 again and the summer never ends.

"Shay Doc", "Wot is tat in da sheiling?"

"Oh that. It is from this little company called the Sky Factory. Something that my designer said I couldn't live without. Do you like it?"

"whuv it!"

Before I know it, the dentist is finished. I think to myself, this was a relatively painless visit. Some might say even a walk in the park…

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