Attika Wood Fireplace

What appliance better defines interior living than a wood-burning fireplace?

Like its sibling elements, water and air, fire appeals to the primeval in each of us. And it's often easy to forget that integrating the elements is crucial to making a home functional and appealing.

We instantly recoil when we enter a space that shuts them out; what could be worse than a window-less or poorly-lit room? Or a stifling and enclosed interior that seems bent on using "conditioned" air or "synthetic" heat? The truth is that we crave the incorporation of nature into design: if a space is isolated from the natural world it won't feel welcoming.

Wood Fireplaces. Manufactured by Attika.

We all dream of having a fireplace as the centerpiece of a great room. Whether we're talking about a cabin aesthetic with exposed beams and a rock-fronted hearth, or a more contemporary approach in which the stove's lines are clean and geometric, a wood burner has broad appeal. But, of course, fireplaces are messy. Anyone who has ever lived in a cold climate knows some of the problems with burning wood: backdraft and noxious smoke-filled rooms, the mess of errant ash, red-hot handles, air-starved rooms. Fortunately, Swiss company Attika has spent the last 25 years taming the often unruly and unpredictable flame. One of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of fireplaces, Attika makes attractive appliances that eliminate the dangers and difficulties of heating with wood. So goodbye to the roaring monster that spews ash and singes fingers, hello to Attika's striking and sleek wood-burners, pieces that make an impressive addition to contemporary decor.


attika products combine prize-winning design with the latest combustion technology. Swiss quality workmanship guarantees the best possible performance.

Attika boasts 25 models of wood-burning fireplace, each of which incorporate unique design elements and innovative features: sliding steel dampers with icons for air in-feed; air-cooled door handles for ease of re-fueling; soapstone facades for gradual heat-retention and release; outdoor air-channeling to maintain indoor air quality and ensure a continuous burn. Some models even feature a fully-rotating firebox so the fire can be seen from any part of the room. With 25 to choose from, you're guaranteed to find one you like, but some of the coolest are the horizontally-oriented X-Board, whose integrated door-opening mechanism and uniform facade with offset firebox make it look like the monolith from Stanley Kubrick's 2001; the vertically-oriented Nero, with variegated, one-piece natural stone slab and side-feed chamber that merges beautifully with the black steel; and the striking X-Large, whose symmetrical border makes the fire look framed, as if it were a living picture. With so many choices and user-friendly features, bringing an Attika fire into the home is a palpable temptation.

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