A Steel Door to Steal the Show

Usually one tends to overlook the ubiquitous "door" since it hardly generates exhilaration among design connoisseurs. For the majority of us, a door is a barricade or an opening, which gives the occupants of a space privacy yet access. If you think about it then, this definition itself makes the almost mundane door paradoxical and somehow adds more depth and character to it. Aesthetically also a door gives an indication of what lies beyond and refuting its metaphorical and allegorical significance in literature or art is quite fruitless. Hence a door undeniably plays an imperative role in creating first impressions and ignoring it is akin to design hara-kiri. That is why I was impressed by the craftsmanship of the doors by Neoporte. Progressive and cutting-edge the doors by Neoporte are completely customizable so that they can appeal to even the most discerning homeowner.

Neoporte Modern Door.

Made from 100% pure stainless steel, Neoporte Modern Doors are an amalgamation of art, design, and engineering innovation. The doors tend to give an impression of vault-like security that would be impossible to penetrate, but at the same time does not compromise its visual appeal. Intimidating yet striking, Neoporte Doors tend to redefine the structures that encircle them by not conforming to any conventional design norms.


Based in L.A, Neoporte is a certified member of the U.S. Green Building Council, which translates to environmentally conscious manufacturing. The company only utilizes sustainable materials and claims to have security features that surpass all industry standards.The doors are ready for installation and come equipped with 100% silicone weather seals and automatic door bottom seals. All levers have been selected to complement the Neoporte design, and the stainless steel pulls are made exclusively in Germany to maintain quality control.

Personally, I like the understated clean lines of the Neoporte collection and the fact that each door ships with an 100% stainless steel door bell button and a 316 solid alloy stainless steel billet security viewer. For me, Neoporte has successfully managed to strike a chord with both architects and homeowners and has blurred the lines between style and practicality. The build to order doors are maintenance free, come with a lifetime guarantee, and pretty much steel (pun intended) the show!


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