A Philippe Starck Bathroom to Increase Your Worth

I’m rarely one to comment on the stock market or real estate values (at least not within the realm of architecture or design), but more and more it’s becoming impossible to ignore our weakening economy.

Barrel-shaped vanity, in the Starck 1 collection. Designed by Philippe Starck. Manufactured by Duravit.

I don’t want to ignite panic - after all, we are designers here, not stock brokers - but just last week, Bear Stearns, formerly the fifth largest investment bank in the United States, was set to be sold for a mere $240 million. I know of websites that are selling for more than that! And perhaps more close to home for us simple people, housing across the country is weakening at a precipitous pace such that personal wealth is additionally in jeopardy.

But I've got some good news for homeowners... a recent study by ebathroom.net reports that “a new, contemporary bathroom can increase the value of a property by 3 percent, and [that] the majority of properties selling beyond the local ceiling price contain contemporary, minimalist bathroom designs.”

By coincidence, I read about this study yesterday an hour before having dinner with a pr representative for Duravit. And I have to say, I am all about Duravit now such that it was a bit tough facing the non-Duravit ceramics in my home bathroom late last night.


In particular, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the Starck 1 collection, designed by none other than Philippe Starck. He explains, “we are getting tired of the materialistic way of life, we can’t stand it any longer, it’s stifling us. Everywhere, we are surrounded by superfluous objects. We must get back to the basics.”

This bathroom set is therefore inspired by the basic water pail as both the circular geometry and profile inform a beautifully extruded cylindrical mass to serve a variety of purposes: a toilet (both free-standing and wall hung), a bidet, a urinal, and a washbasin vanity. Note, I'd be lying if I did not admit my supreme affection for the vanity! This barrel-shaped unit (shown above in warm wood veneer) offers ample storage for towels and bath utensils. Additionally, all toilets feature both Stop-and-Go function and 6-litre flush - tight when it comes to water consumption, but generous in comfort.


So homeowners, there's no time to waste. It's time to recapture that value in your home, and while you're at it, additionally improve the quality of your life with a more 'basic' bathroom. By basic, I do mean designed to perfection.

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