More curves than Mulholland Drive

While just about everything else in our homes has evolved, the lowly shower curtain rod has barely changed over the past few decades. Sure, we have the advent of the curved model, allowing the illusion of greater space in narrow shower stalls. But by and large the curtain rod itself remains unchanged. The likely reason for this is that shower stalls installed by today's mass builders demand little imagination on the part of curtain rod makers. As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke…

Pluviae, currently in production. Designed by Matteo Thun and Partners, Milano.

So when I saw this ingenious creation from the great minds at Matteo Thun I was blown away. It’s clear that their designers saw that the old way was indeed broken. And like all great innovators they re-imagined the utilitarian as something strikingly beautiful and functional. Combining equal parts curtain rod and shower head, the Pluviae is the breathtaking product of their innovation. Its curvaceous overhead design ending in a graceful waterfall shower head combines form and function beautifully and efficiently in a way no one else imagined.


The applications for use are endless. Aside from residential use in today's sleek modern homes, it is an elegant space saving solution for fitness centers, spas, hospitals, hotels, cruise ships etc. The great minds at Matteo Thun must have been inspired by my favorite Einstein quote: Simplicity is the essence of brilliance. It certainly doesn't get more brilliant than the Pluviae. Let's hope they take on the lowly shower stall next…

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