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David Rockwell Launches Luxury Prefabricated Homes

New York based architect David Rockwell has unveiled a collection of prefabricated homes for US Company C3 Design Inc.  Best known for his award-winning theatre sets, restaurant interiors, and luxury hotels, Rockwell has taken the prefab format typically associated with affordable housing and reinvented it for the luxury market.

David Rockwell Launches Luxury Prefabricated Homes_3

The first of the Rockwell collection to be revealed is the Pinwheel House, a modern 2,400-square-foot house consisting of four rectangular rooms arranged around a central 500-square-foot interior courtyard. When designing the house, Rockwell was inspired by his childhood in Mexico, where outdoor space was as important as the interior.

David Rockwell Launches Luxury Prefabricated Homes_1

Because prefab buildings are constructed and shipped for assembly, Rockwell and his team have been able to create a stylish luxury home with the added benefit that it has minimal environmental impact. Rockwell explains: “Creating a home that doesn't necessarily look like a cookie-cutter container became one of the key design challenges. When you have a building block like a rectangle, you don’t want to have a railroad situation. But that limitation became the key contributing factor to the design."

David Rockwell Launches Luxury Prefabricated Homes_2

The house features two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, with a study that can be converted into an additional bedroom. The kitchen comes complete with a 10-foot-long marble island and professional kitchen appliances.

David Rockwell Launches Luxury Prefabricated Homes__4

Bearing in mind that a prefab house can be shipped anywhere, Rockwell wanted to find a way to ensure each of the houses could fit into the local landscape, even if that landscape looked radically different from one buyer to the next. Therefore, the exterior of the house is available in a variety of finishes, so that it can customised by its owner to blend into its own unique environment. A hanging screen on the outside of the house – available in everything from steel to reclaimed wood and green landscaping – offers a simple yet effective way of giving each house a more tailored aesthetic. Rockwell adds: "In a modular landscape, what we try to do is come up with a design that is very flexible. The more customizable a house is, the less it looks like it came straight off a conveyor belt.”

David Rockwell Launches Luxury Prefabricated Homes_Arizona

Initially the David Rockwell collection of prefab homes for C3 Design Inc. will only be available in the USA.

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