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“Season Two”

Season Two, Episode #06

After the reincarnation of Brick's father, he decides he wants to sell Monarch as he claimed Brick ruined his company. With strong efforts from the Monarch team, they attempt to destroy Monarch so it is “unbuyable,” but their attempts only made the situation more difficult as Brick is forced to sign the company over to a Chinese triad, plus his intern, Kevin. Though, the gang does not give up on Monarch and develops a "smart" contract with hopes of finding a firm to jump on board with them. After many mishaps, the team fights for their rights to the company as their "smart" idea comes to life after the successful launch of a music video.

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Designer Pages and Adam J. Richman present "Lunch & Learn" an Original Comedy Series

Starring Ryan Williams Brit Belsheim Jamie Campbell Jacob Slevin Pat Dwyer Kevin Cheng
With Caitlin Chuckta Jessie Stegner Brianne Fitzpatrick Keith Whipple Abram Rabinowitz Chloe Mesick

executive producer Jacob Slevin director of photography & editorial Adam J. Richman production coordinator Rebecca Minerath supervising sound design Nathan Whitcomb and Reece Miller b-camera op Eugene Parechyn Production Audio Davis McDermand and Jared Arnold and Jared M. Voss Lighting & Grip Turner Fair Clifton Holmes writing consultants Chris Stulpin and Doug Shapiro

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