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Out of the Box: Disc 16 Scraplights by Graypants

Of the ongoing battles in my home, the one against cardboard is great. It seems like every week there is a mountain of cardboard, in the form of boxes or... Full Story

The Clean, Repurposed Nature of Floris Wubben’s No. 3 Bench

In junior high jazz band, my best friend and I chose to be 3rd trumpet. We did not get ranked as such, it was simply by choice. ... Full Story

No Wire Hangers: Spiral Coat Hanger Lamp by Natalie Sampson

Anyone who has seen Mommy Dearest is sure to remember the pivotal scene in which Joan Crawford (played by Faye Dunaway) loses her temper and beats her daughter... Full Story

Salvage Dresser by Fin Art Co.

Based in the metropolitan center East of the Rockies, the design team that created Fin Art Co. seems to be bound and determined to keep Denver on the... Full Story

Read the Lighting on the Wall: Zipper 8 Lighting by Allison Patrick

The word green has become rotten—by which I mean overused, or to use John Barth’s phrase, exhausted. It is so ubiquitous as to be meaningless. Still, when... Full Story

Calm by Nature: The Mr. Mellow Lamps by Sarah Böttger

Do a double or triple take with the latest design by Sarah Böttger and you'll notice that Mr. Mellow uses an ordinary sponge to create a mood-enhancing... Full Story

Stringimi Table Lamp by Alessandro Marelli

The wood and furniture industry from Milan has been aware of designer Alessandro Marelli since Enzo Mari used his eye for design in a few of his... Full Story

Shades of Light Collection by Wendy Umanoff

Interior designer Wendy Umanoff likes to combine modern furniture with antique pieces. She takes this same penchant for juxtaposition (can I call... Full Story

Bright Idea: Book Lamp by Ragip Erdem

Designers are getting inventive with their use of old books. Not too long ago we saw Not Tom’s Book Bookshelf, which is actually made of unwanted books,... Full Story

Finalist in Bright Ideas Competition: Geometric Lamp by Edward Chew

TetraBox Spherical Lamp by architect and designer Edward Chew is constructed from approximately 450 empty, discarded packet drink boxes. The process... Full Story


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