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Piero Lissoni’s Season Sofa

Coalesse is pleased to announce that their recent distribution partnership with Viccarbe has brought some innovative additions to their portfolio: Piero... Full Story

Keilhauer Invites You to Meander

As the lines between living space and workspace become increasingly blurred, there’s an expanding niche for products like Keilhauer’s Meander. A modular... Full Story

GranTorino by Poltrona Frau

GranTorino can conjure up images of the classic Ford car, or more recently the Clint Eastwood movie, and these images bring to mind workmanship and the art... Full Story

Connect and Disconnect: Ally by Blå Station

For 2012, innovative Swedish furniture company Blå Station focused on “anti-design,” a term meaning “not exactly the antithesis of design, but more... Full Story

Salone 2012 Preview: Plot Seating by Osko + Deichmann for Brunner

"In the nineties we were both attracted by the energy of the formerly divided Berlin absorbing creative young people from all over the world," begins the ... Full Story

Eyal Soodai’s Koh Wins Tiff’s 2012 Hotel and Hospitality Award

Who would have thought that I’d find occasion in this life to use the metaphor of an archipelago to elaborate on not one but two different architecture and... Full Story

Top Ten: Voluptuous Modular Sofas

When we see a train, we think of its being a complete unit, apart from the functional differences of the front engine and caboose. When we see a modular sofa,... Full Story

Ciprian TOCU and Attila KIM Present the LUNDI et DEMI Couch

How many times have you been seated at your couch and suddenly felt an insatiable urge to reverse your position? Or face away from rather than next to your... Full Story

The Modular Fossa by Aurélien Barbry for COR

COR got its name in 1955 when Prince Bentheim Tecklenburg and Leo Lübke started their furniture upholstering and manufacturing business in... Full Story

Factory Friday: The Mod Sofa by Steve Lukes

Sofas are like cars: the more we learn how fun and easy sitting can be, the more the standard couch design seems to improve. Okay, that’s pushing it. And... Full Story


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