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Tia Stools by Gunlocke

Designed by David Mocarski and winner of Best of NeoCon Gold, Tia Stool by Gunlocke is elegant and refined, ensuring that “conversation will... Full Story

Sweeping Curves and Intricate Joinery: Curved Dovetail Console Table by Nico Yektai

Sometimes the story behind a piece of furniture is as evocative as the end result. Craftsman Nico Yektai let his Curved Dovetail Console Table evolve... Full Story

Travel Light with Kumu by Keech Design and getMADE design

There are reasons besides the admirable alliterativeness of Kumu Chair by Keech Design and getMADE design to love the product in question. Beginning, then,... Full Story

London Design Festival: Pudelskern Exhibits Saddler & Mrs Robinson at Mint

I love it when a design company concerns itself with story. Two of the most creative narratives have come from wallpaper makers Grow House Grow and Jill... Full Story

Greet the Day with Timothy Liles’ Crested Comb-back Chair

Timothy Liles' description of his Crested Comb-back Chair should give you some clues to both its origin and the designer's aesthetic: "Domestic maple,... Full Story

Gursan Ergil Works Wonders with Re-Claimed Wood

Sometimes as I attempt to navigate the expansive morass of polycarbonate, rigid foam, steel, and glass that serves as the multi-layered and hyper-colored... Full Story

Pack Flat with Daniel Moyer’s DPTables

Whether you’re looking for a well-crafted longboard or a well-crafted table, Brooklyn’s Daniel Moyer is your guy. Self-taught carpenter... Full Story

Moooi and Freshwest Team Up for Brave New World

Fans of the self-referential wink and nod, admirers of whimsy for whimsy’s sake, take heed—today’s post returns us to the land of dykes and tulips! After... Full Story

Sleep Like a King: Breathtaking Beds by Barlas Baylar

While the fingers of both my hands might suffice to enumerate the number of times I've sung the praises of solid wood herein, they might as easily not. As... Full Story

At BKLYN DESIGNS 09: Benton Custom’s Master Wood Craftsmanship

Roger Benton would appear to be a man of many talents. In the spare time he scraps together between doing production work for a men's high end... Full Story


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