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Wood Frame from 3form

3form’s new Wood Frame is a comely, clever workspace partition system. Using a starting point of a natural wood surround, Wood Frame allows users to... Full Story

Contemporary Cocktail Cabinets: Luxury Trend

Crafted from luxury hardwoods and featuring exquisite detailing and secret compartments, the drinks cabinet makes a comeback as designers seek to capture the... Full Story

Roll up! Roll up!: S.O.S de Barrio by Gruba

Roller blinds salvaged from the streets of Buenos Aires have been transformed into a collection of low slung lounge chairs and coffee tables designed by... Full Story

Exotic Hardwoods from FSC-Certified Forests by BR-111

Amid the recent influx of manufactured alternatives to wood, it’s nice to see a company that’s able to go back to basics without dipping into the font of... Full Story

The Sibora Sideboard by girsberger

Sibora, designed by Lars Villiger and Andreas Pfister for girsberger, is a sideboard-come-buffet; it’s a storage shelf that easily converts into... Full Story

Inwood’s Line of Durable, Versatile Science Tables

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my career as a freelance writer, it’s to never underestimate the value of a good table compartment. ... Full Story

The Heritage Timber Edition by DuChateau Floors

Here’s an interesting recipe I just happened upon, and I promise it’s not for a hair conditioner or shampoo: sunflower, soybean and thistle oil + natural... Full Story

Super and Sustainable: Austin Desk by ducduc

When I wrote about Stump by Kalon Studios, I mentioned that I had originally heard of the company when I was researching American-made, hardwood cribs.... Full Story

John Eric Byers’ Open Form Table for Jeb Jones

One might rightly approach with suspicion any product making prominent use of the term “gouged,” since the word’s most typical connotation involves... Full Story

RBW’s Pro Forma: Transient Furnishings for the Age of Global Logistics

Ever wonder what goes on in that huge cylindrical steel mass beneath the visible floor of a jet? For that matter, ever wonder what goes in that huge... Full Story


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