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Beautiful Barn Wood Siding by Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Just a stone’s-throw from Kansas-City near the Missouri-Kansas border you’ll find Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. Elmwood has taken advantage of their strategic... Full Story

Color Cladding by Windfall Lumber and YOLO Colorhouse

Produced in collaboration with YOLO Colorhouse, Windfall Lumber's new Color Cladding combines premium, zero VOC interior paint with reclaimed Douglas fir... Full Story

Xcora Strand Bamboo Veneer by Teragren

Teragren’s new Xcora Strand Bamboo Veneer is the result of years of research and a unique manufacturing process that results in a thin and strong... Full Story

Antique Copper Engineered Flooring by Terra Legno

When you think of copper, what comes to mind? Since the rec. center of my alma mater had been graciously endowed with a brand new copper roof, I tend to think... Full Story

Leonhard Pfeifer’s Eigen Coat Stand Wins 2012 Design Guild Mark

Looking for a place to hang your hat? Or if you find that expression passé, how about your coat, your umbrella, your jacket, bag, or scarf? Even better, how... Full Story

Mr. and Mrs. Birdie Nest Boxes by Desinature

Any A&D product introducing itself with the descriptor “particularly suited for robins, wrens, and pied wagtails,” easily rates high on the curiosity... Full Story

Easy to Treasure: Trove’s Printed Wood Veneer Wallpaper

It’s been a big week for wall coverings here at 3rings and an even bigger week for NYC’s Trove. Why, just yesterday we took a look at the... Full Story

Make the Rian Choice with Semigood Design’s New Collection

While the cereal aisle contains far too many choices for being of simple starches and hopefully fiber, restaurants' lack of vegetarian options can leave much... Full Story

Hankering to Gourmandize? Try Knud Kapper’s Instant Kitchen

I can think of more than a few temporary or impromptu abodes I've inhabited (even just during the past year) that would have improved one-hundred fold had they... Full Story

This is the Sustainable Kitchen that Henrybuilt

Sustainability is a buzzword that is thrown at any design product on the market that it will stick to. "Recycled content" is a term that comes up often in... Full Story


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