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Chair by Campaign

Named after the pack-and-go furniture necessary for wartime campaigns, Campaign takes flatpack furniture to a new level. The company’s Chair is designed... Full Story

Pavel Eekra’s Pinecone Lamp

Who knew that a man named “Pavel” could be so subtle and elegant. Owing, in large measure, to the new craze for functional exercise, that name is forever... Full Story

Light and Sound: Hood by Form Us With Love and ateljé Lyktan

The word hood reminds me of my favorite fairy tale. You know the one: it involves a girl in red skipping through the woods who comes upon a no-good wolf. The... Full Story

Branch Out with Recyclable Log Bookshelf by Freefold Furniture

I can’t say I know too much about Melbourne. It’s one of Australia’s biggest cities, it’s located on the Bass Strait (just a hop, skimp, and a jump... Full Story

PROJECTiONE’S myLight is a DIY Dream

If you were to receive a non-descript, rectangular, roughly 18” x 8” white cardboard box in the mail, what would you guess was inside? A collection of... Full Story

Flatpack Wonder: Hug Chair from cate & nelson

I could think of uncanny pairings, but even so I would undoubtedly fail to come up with Swedish/Spanish. Despite my lack of vision, there is indeed a... Full Story

Biscaro’s Offset Stool Moves Me

Flatpack furniture benefits the environment, which is a great reason to like it. Another little mentioned boon is that it makes moving easier. When on the... Full Story

BIY Lamp by Almerich and Luis Eslava Studio

Anyone familiar with the concept of “Consilience?” Employed about ten years back by biologist E.O. Wilson in his book of the same name, the term refers to... Full Story

At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Ecosystems Brand

Since “going green” has become in vogue, many companies and products have made this claim with varying degrees of truth; hence the all too appropriate... Full Story

Casulo’s Life in a Box

So I've already dated myself once this week with a reference to John Travolta and the '77 Broncos (I was a fledgling fan of eight at the time), so why not go... Full Story

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