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Friedman Benda Presents Byung Hoon Choi at Design Miami/ Basel

Friedman Benda is presenting a solo-installation by Korean designer and master craftsman Byung Hoon Choi on view at Design Miami/ Basel through June 21,... Full Story

Nacho Carbonell’s Bush of Iron

Straight from the files of the weird and the wild comes designer Nacho Carbonell and his “Bush of Iron” chair. This piece, which, some might claim, only... Full Story

Lindsey Adelman’s Ceres is a Forest of Metal and Glass

It may be that we learn the most about nature from our recurrent inability to imitate it. Not that this keeps us from trying. Recent 3rings posts of products... Full Story

Graffiti Gone Global Takes Miami

If you’re in A & D and you’ve ever harbored even a smidge of interest in having a design product, work of art, or architectural endeavor publicized, than... Full Story

Live Video at Design Miami: Antik, New York

#content .article .image-left{display: none;} Given our current economic melt down, I couldn't help but take a double look at the money door centerpiece at... Full Story

Live at Design Miami: Altreforme

Though we've covered an impressive variety of products over the past couple of weeks here at Design Miami, I've noticed that, generally speaking, the majority... Full Story

Live at Design Miami: Fragile Future I

Nobody in Miami recognizes the dandelion. I can say this with certainty, since I’m from there. The landscape instead offers lush, tropical plants with... Full Story

Live at Design Miami: Julia Krantz’s Stack-Laminate Plywood Furniture

If you've ever been to the Miami Airport, then you know that, in certain respects, the city departs from the sometime cookie-cutter culture that occasionally... Full Story

Live Video at Design Miami: Sebastian E of Cristina Grajales Gallery

#content .article .image-left{display: none;} For our second video interview at Design Miami, we were fortunate enough to speak with Sebastian E of Cristina... Full Story

Live at Design Miami: Flame

We here at 3rings love it when we come across a designer we've previously written about exhibiting at the design show we're currently covering—and so it is... Full Story


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