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Kast Concrete Basins by Lowinfo

New for 2013, the Kast series by UK-based company Lowinfo transforms everyday concrete into a line of luxurious and contemporary... Full Story

Custom Concern: Kitchen and Bath Trend

Don't settle for something that the neighbors have. Kitchen and bath manufacturers are finding ways to customize designs for a larger audience—look below to... Full Story

Bespoke Lamps by Sarah Foote

How do you make wood look like paper? If you’re lamp designer Sarah Foote, you turn ash veneer into pieces that resemble confetti. Her bespoke lamps... Full Story

Alex MacMaster’s Intriguing Iris

Alex MacMaster’s Iris floor and pendant lamp would seem to join a growing cadre of lamps cut from an intriguing new cloth. This particular trend began... Full Story

A New FLOR Everyday: Adaptable, Recyclable & Fun

Sometimes the ability to customize a product is a good thing and other times it is nothing more than an advertising gimmick. A lot of furniture that is... Full Story

Make the Rian Choice with Semigood Design’s New Collection

While the cereal aisle contains far too many choices for being of simple starches and hopefully fiber, restaurants' lack of vegetarian options can leave much... Full Story

Ellen Blakely Works Wonders with Shattered Glass

Shimmering mosaic wall panels are nothing new here at 3rings (see Bisazza Crystal Collection), nor are innovative uses for reclaimed glass (see Bendheim... Full Story

At BKLYN Designs: Eric Manigian’s Eve Series

Brooklyn-based designer Eric Manigian is a perennial favorite here at 3rings, and I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. That's because every... Full Story

zelouf + BELL’s Black Mamba Table

So why, I ask myself, haven't I ever before heard of zelouf + BELL, the duo made up of Ireland's Michael Bell and America's Susan Zelouf who--along with... Full Story

Tasty Wallpaper by Flavor

You've got to love a company whose p.r. material gets right down to brass tacks. Especially when so much depends on user interface with a manufacturer's... Full Story


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