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Cersaie 2017: Vetrite by SICIS

At this year’s Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile, luxury Italian brand SICIS unveiled Vetrite, a new cladding material with... Full Story

reSAWN’s Charred Collection

“Shou Sugi Ban” or “charring” is an ancient Japanese technique to beautify and preserve wood for exterior and interior cladding, ceiling, and flooring... Full Story

Coverings that Care: Green Trend

Recyclable and renewable materials such as coconut and wood fibers, cardboard and cork are used to make eco-friendly and temptingly tactile screens, wall... Full Story

Foulard by Lithos Design

Stone surface fabricator Lithos Design continues its partnership with industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto with Foulard, a modular cladding that... Full Story

Trespa’s Versatile and Vibrant Athlon Panels

Were you in the contract or hospitality venue, what would you do to assure high performance and good longevity of your walls in environments habitually... Full Story

Cool Extruded Tile from Spain’s Natucer

Given that, if your reading this, you’re probably bound by the relative confines of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, you’ve probably never heard of... Full Story

Polli-Bricks Promises the Green in a Translucent Architectural Cladding

Apropos of the topic of refuse disposal, two enduring cinematic images come to mind. The first is the hapless Wall*E, negotiating the trash tower landscape of... Full Story

Patterned Stone Cladding: The Latest Walls from Lithos Design

Lithos Design is a relatively young company with three decades worth of experience in stone. How does this happen? Separate the R&D department from... Full Story

The Ombrae System by Quin Media Arts and Sciences

Vancouver's Rod Quin was trained as a simple sculptor at the Emily Carr Institute and the University of British Columbia, but he had a secret. Somewhere... Full Story

Building Biology for the Exterior

More and more I see new structures using Fiber Cement Board siding. Having lived in an OSB sided home, which was later covered in vinyl, I only assumed... Full Story

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