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Designer Profile: Arik Levy

As an artist, Arik Levy likely subscribes to the notion that the process, rather than the “thing,” or object produced, is the “thing” itself. Levy’s... Full Story

Litze Bath Collection by Brizo

“Art meets craft” in the Litze Bath Collection by Brizo, offered in matte and shiny finishes with available teak wood details. Simple yet stunning,... Full Story

Pack by Edra

Italian design company Edra is not afraid to take risks. This daring spirit can be seen in the company’s one-of-a-kind products—all of which skirt the... Full Story

Botanical Art by Artisan Moss

Characterized as “maintenance-free alternatives to living walls,” these botanically themed tableaux from California-based Artisan Moss will convert your... Full Story

Futura Panca by ModoLuce

Sometimes you need your furniture to multi-task.  Am I being a demanding designer when I say being seat furniture alone isn’t enough?  Thankfully, Full Story

At Vivid Gallery: New Work by Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eijk

Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam recently presented an exhibit that bridged the art/design divide. New pieces by Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eijk were... Full Story

Marcus Tremonto and Moss Make the Most of Paper and Light

Marcus Tremonto of Treluce Studios is at it again—and then some. Lately familiar to 3rings readers for his “Are You Positive?” series of lights made... Full Story

A Canvas Beneath Your Feet: Pulkra’s Artistic Resin Floors

Have you ever seen those street performers whose specialty is chalk drawings? These intrepid souls spend hours crafting visual trickery upon the most... Full Story

Great Sound Just Got Better with Acousticpearls by Kvadrat

Have you dreamed of having a bookshelf that opens into a secret chamber or a crazy big safe hidden behind a famous piece of art? For some reason or another we... Full Story

The Zaishu Stool Is Green and Gorgeous

You’ll remember that last week we examined how a burgeoning Australian technology to process a sustainable crop resulted in a House Made of Hemp stateside... Full Story


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