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Top Ten: Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Furniture created from reclaimed wood is both practical and good for the environment. Because the recycled wood has its own history, it makes each new piece of... Full Story

Top Ten: Pet Furniture

Are you in the market for more extravagant pet furniture? Who isn't? If you're one of the many pet lovers that believe their pet is special and only the best... Full Story

Top Ten: Outdoor Loungers

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing says summer like relaxing on an outdoor lounge chair. From the minimalist to the multi-person, all of these... Full Story

Top Ten: Upholstered Seating at Milan 2013

While Milan fervor has cooled a bit, we are still reeling from all the wonderful design we saw last week. Here are some of our favorite upholstered seating... Full Story

Top Ten: Tripod Lamps

Three legs pack a powerful punch when it comes to lighting. Here are ten of our favorite tripod lamps. ... Full Story

Top Ten: Seen at The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show wrapped this past Sunday but these gorgeous designs will live on in our memories. Here are our favorites from... Full Story

Top Ten: Modular Seating for Contract Interiors

Modular seating solutions are applicable in nearly any commercial space, many times in common areas where connection between users is key, and variety keeps... Full Story

Top Ten: Classroom Seating

Today's classroom barely resembles the classroom most of us grew up with. Gone are the chalkboards and in their place are computer monitors. Manufacturers... Full Story

Top Ten: Bistro Chairs

In the cold, long New York City winter, it's hard to remember that somewhere, someone is sitting outside of a bistro enjoying a cup of tea. Here are the top... Full Story

Top Ten: Sling Chairs

Sling chairs are simultaneously complex and simplistic. These designs showcase both sides of fabric and leather slung chairs.... Full Story

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