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Top Ten: Waste Bins

From the private residence to the most accessible public space, trash bins exist ubiquitously. Designers are using the bin as a way to not only encourage... Full Story

The New Lift-Off Receptacle by Peter Pepper Products is Worth Your While

Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows the shortcomings of the average plastic trashcan. Not only are they unsightly—favoring a sort of muddy... Full Story

The iPoo Toilet by Milos Paripovic

One thing I find sort of curious about the design aesthetic of Mac is that the very palpable form of their very prominent icon—an apple of course—has never... Full Story

Silent and Soothing: Regio by Inax

When I get up in the middle of the night during the winter months, I pray to one day have a toilet with a heated seat. If I set my sights even higher, then I... Full Story

DTV Prompt Digital Showering System from Kohler

What's cooler than being cool? An easily programmable digital showering system that won't leave you ice cold. DTV Prompt Digital Showering System from Full Story

Toto’s Modular Home Bathroom Suite Premieres at the London Design Festival

If I had a nickel for every time I entered the bathroom at my current abode and, in a state of slightly bemused relaxation, silently said, “if only I could... Full Story

Luxury Bathtubs by Tyrrell and Laing

We seem to have had a run of luxury tubs at 3rings of late. Last week we were graced with the resplendent allure of William and Holland’s collection... Full Story

Beautiful Copper Bathtubs by William Holland

I can count with three mere fingers the number of times I’ve been truly intrigued by the design possibilities of copper: the first concerned a six-piece set... Full Story

A Solo Venture: Keops Evolution Bathtub

If you’re short on space or on patience for others, the Keops Evolution Bathtub may be perfect for you. An economic tub, Evolution measures only 170 x 90... Full Story

Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona Tub Exudes Mediterranean Relaxation

Walk through the notorious Barri Gótic in Barcelona at dusk and a sea of possible scenarios play out in your imagination. The curved walls of brick and... Full Story

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