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Healthcare Trend: Wall Mounted Monitors

Wall mounted monitors are an excellent space-saving solution for busy space-squeezed healthcare environments. ... Full Story

Healing Green: Color Trend

Cool and soothing, green is the color of nature and the earth. In particular, lighter green shades have associations of peacefulness making it the perfect hue... Full Story

Virtual Doctors: Healthcare Trend

The market for wearable healthcare devices and health monitoring apps is developing at a rapid pace with revenues expected to reach to $20 million by... Full Story

Canary Yellow: Color Trend

Bright and cheerful, yellow is a warm and positive color that is sure to brighten the dullest of interior spaces. In particular, this bright canary hue has... Full Story

Sabi Develops App for Medication Reminders

The world population is rapidly aging and as a result, there has been much focus on the development of wearable wellness devices and apps at this  year's ... Full Story


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