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Design Miami 2016

Design Miami 2016: La Crypte de Velours Bleu by Frida Fjellman

An artist or designer can alter our perception of everyday things by playing with scale. For example, the life-sized Horse Lamp by Front challenges our notion... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Alloy Bench by Betil Dagdelen

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Betil Dagdelen is a primarily self-taught weaver who uses the furniture’s frame as the loom. She previously worked as a production... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Vine by Jeff Zimmerman

One of various unique light sculptures by master glass artist Jeff Zimmerman, Vine combines handblown glass and brass branches. The globes are made of... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Another Land & Inverted Lands by Huy Bui

While perhaps it’s true that immensity automatically commands attention, delicacy should not be denied its rightful place in design. The Geological Frame... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Lighting by Eric Roinestad

Lighting pieces at Design Miami 2016 were diverse in all aspects—from material to construction, color to composition. Work by Eric Roinestad is one... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Mon Chérie by Florian Borkenhagen

Hanging pendulously in the corner of the Ammann Gallery booth at Design Miami, Mon Chérie by Florian Borkenhagen is a one-of-a-kind chandelier that defies... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Chained Up Miami by Studio Barberini Gunnell

Ammann Gallery showcased Chained Up Miami by Italian-based Studio Barberini Gunnell. This marvelous table, which combines highly polished stainless steel... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Genesis Collection by Arik Levy for COMPAC

Designed by Arik Levy for COMPAC, the Genesis Collection was on view at Design Miami in two very different presentations. At the Design Miami showroom,... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Moray Outdoor Collection by Holly Hunt

During Design Miami/Art Basel, traversing a few miles in Miami can take an inordinate amount of time. So it’s no surprise that there were fewer guests at the... Full Story

Design Miami 2016: Enignum by Joseph Walsh

Represented by Sarah Myerscough Gallery, Irish designer Joseph Walsh presented three of his Enignum pieces at Design Miami, including Enignum Desk and... Full Story


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