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Designer Profile: Jaime Hayon

The aesthetic of Jaime Hayon may best be described as “eclectic versatility,” but the better choice might be to deign from attempting to characterize him at all.

1. Materico Collection for Toyo

Having spent the better part of a year there—and being young enough at the time for it to have left a permanent mark on the aesthetic architecture of my psyche--I see much of the influence of his native sunny Spain: bright colors and playful shapes; stark celebratory gestures that mirror the blue skies, vibrant sun, and rolling hills of the high desert.

2. Showtime Nude Chair for BD Barcelona

Somewhat ironically, Hayon was born in Madrid, a beautiful city, yes, but one that I’ve always thought of as being a bit rough around the edges.

3. Twenty Two Chair for Ceccotti

Perhaps he concurs, because, fittingly, his studio is located in Barcelona, and much of his work is imbued with the spirit of Catalonia’s warm and whimsical artistic tradition: Picasso, Miró, and of course Gaudí.

4. Japanese Folklore Rug for Nodus

One even senses a bit of Dali-esque surrealism. The Milá Chair, for instance—Hayon’s very first time working with plastic—seems to melt and coalesce at once, a dreamscape vision of laxity gone solid, as if he’d conjured up snakes or noodles or thick strands of Play-Doh and with a prestidigitator’s flair caused them to cohere.

5. Milà Chair for Magis

He can be outright outlandish as well. Swarovski Sparkle Shady is a delicious bit of ostentation that yet manages to preserve its dignity, evoking both the high glamour of Hollywood’s bygone age and a cluster of dividing cells.

6. Sparkle Shady for Swarovski

Speaking of high glamour, one of Hayon’s enduring pieces is the Bardot Sofa, a lovely, plush, yet streamlined piece that is resplendent in cherry red—just like the luscious lips of its namesake.

7. Bardot Sofa for Bernhardt

Hayon’s output is widely represented. He has exhibited his work and created installations at some of the world’s foremost galleries and museums, including Mak Vienna, Groninger, London’s Design Museum, Centre Pompidou, and the Basel Art Fair. See more at hayon studio.
Posted January 18th, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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