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3form’s Vector Goes in the Right Direction

Manufacturer 3form recently added a new wrinkle to their Chroma line.

Black Horizontal

Vector is an inventive interlayer: “Made of hundreds of layered, angled, light and dark gray colored yarns, Vector creates an optically intriguing design.”

3form_Vector_Image 1

Chroma—a monolithic material made of optical-grade engineered resin—is durable and beautiful. It’s ideal for a range of clever applications like exterior facades, bar tops, countertops, decorative partition walls, and lighting.


Previous to Vector, however, Chroma was available in solid colors only.


The Vector interlayer thus opens up new aesthetic terrain.

Gray Horizontal

Beautifully striated, hypnotically unorthodox, Vector possesses unlimited potential.

3form.09.07.162113 copy

Read more about Chroma and the new Vector Interlayer at 3form.
Posted March 22nd, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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