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35 Collection by Landscape Forms Adds 3 New Designs

This January, Landscape Forms is adding three new designs to its popular 35 Collection, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Created in partnership with Frog Design, the team behind SONY Walkman and the Apple computer, these product additions maintain the original style of the collection “while ramping up the energy and edge.” Signal LED light, Guide illuminated bollard, and Loop bike rack “carry on the family lineage” of the 35 Collection with their convex and concave forms.

LED Luminaries and Aluminum Bike Rack Feature Curvilinear Forms

35 Collection by Landscape Forms Adds 3 New Designs

Made of cast aluminum, Signal holds multiple arrays of LEDs in tri-board formations, each covered by its own lens “for economy of replacement and repair.” Available in streetscape and pedestrian versions, with single or double luminaries, Signal minimizes weight and dissipates heat. The curvy shape has an avian look that increases Signal’s sense of lightness.

Guide bollard also evinces the curvilinear style of the 35 Collection. Constructed of three cast aluminum panels of different heights around a “large glowing optical element,” Guide disperses light seductively through vertical slits between panels. Line up a row of Guide bollards to illuminate a path or use Guide as a dimmable light for less glow.

35 Collection by Landscape Forms Adds 3 New Designs

Obviously functional, Loop bike rack advertises its use through its “simple, sweeping circle with a twist” that echoes a bicycle’s wheels. One or two bicycles can be locked around Loop’s cast aluminum frame. As with all 35 Collection products, Loop is finished with Landscape Forms’ proprietary Pangard® Powdercoat in rich, current colors like cranberry and stromcloud, bold bright hues like flambé orange and peeptoe pink, and modern metallics like mercury and titanium.

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Posted January 20th, 2015 by Alicita Rodriguez

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Since 1969, Landscape Forms has been providing integrated collections of high-tech design site furniture and advanced LED lighting. With clients including Boeing, Disney, Nike, American Airlines and Herman Miller, the company's Kalamazoo Michigan headquarters was voted as one of the Top 15 Small Workplaces in the US by the Wall Street Journal.

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