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New Haiku LED by Big Ass Fans

What’s a Haiku? A bit of spare, elegant language. A most meaningful sentiment said in the fewest possible words. A whisper of a poem that’s every bit as powerful as a piece of epic length. No wonder manufacturer Big Ass Fans chose to call their smallest, sleekest ceiling fan Haiku: It’s as quiet as a kiss, yet still moves massive amounts of air.

Beautify and Purify any Space with Haiku LED

New Haiku LED by Big Ass Fans

All that may be old news to some of you, so here’s the new news: Haiku now comes with a surpassingly stylish and cleverly integrated energy-efficient LED module. With their 80 percent increase in efficiency (compared to incandescents) and excellent quality of light, LEDs are certainly the wave of the future with regard to lighting.

New Haiku LED by Big Ass Fans

The new LED module offers enticing options, including 16 increments of brightness for precision illumination, as well as your choice of translucent or smoky lenses (included standard with every fan).

New Haiku LED by Big Ass Fans

The addition of LEDs only accentuates the compact powerhouse that is Haiku, making this versatile ceiling fan even more versatile yet. Its small size deeds it an air of intimacy, making it practical for small spaces such as bedrooms and hotel rooms, yet when grouped together, it’s equally attractive for larger venues—group fitness areas, classrooms, and restaurants.

Options for Haiku LED include airfoils in bamboo (cocoa, caramel) and matrix composite (black, white). It also comes standard with a bevy of technological perks, including a programmable remote control featuring on/off timer, sleep mode, whoosh mode, and reverse operation.

About the Manufacturer: Lexington, Kentucky’s Big Ass Fans makes the continent’s, if not the world’s, most impressive high volume/low speed (HVLS) ceiling and vertical fans—“developed to provide significant energy savings and improve occupant comfort year round in large commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, and residential buildings.”

Posted April 4th, 2013 by Joseph Starr

  • Big Ass Fans

    Thank you very much for the article! We are very excited about our new Haiku LED fans. Here are images and more information about the fan:

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