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Trapezio Kitchen by Pierangelo Sciuto for Grattarola

Most kitchens favor the rectangle: it’s the shape that dominates cabinetry, islands, cooktops, appliances, and virtually everything else. So a collection of kitchen cabinets and furniture that pays tribute to another shape is a breath of fresh air. Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto for Italian manufacturer Grattarola, the Trapezio kitchen favors the trapezoid (or trapezium, as they call it across the pond). In case you’ve forgotten your Euclidean geometry, the shape is a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides.

Trapezio. Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto. Manufactured by Grattarola.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Celebrate Geometry

Trapezio. Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto. Manufactured by Grattarola.

Like all products produced by Grattarola, Trapezio is made of solid wood. The Italian company prides itself on using traditional techniques and high-quality timber. The resulting kitchen collection is arresting for both its material and its form. The slanted lines of the cabinets give the kitchen a dynamic quality that is nonetheless subtle. Of particular interest are the open shelves, which make excellent spaces for glasses, spices, or stacked dinnerware. Their interest lies in the unique shapes that the slanted partitions create. For cookbook collectors, the kitchen can also be outfitted with Trapezio bookshelves.

Trapezio. Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto. Manufactured by Grattarola.

Constructed of ash, the Trapezio collection can be finished in gray, white, and tobacco. Tall and base cabinets feature cut-out shapes of different thicknesses, adding visual interest to what would otherwise be smooth expanses of wood. Trapezio offers the beauty of the grain alongside the allure of the trapezoid.

Trapezio. Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto. Manufactured by Grattarola.

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About the Manufacturer: Grattarola is an Italian furniture manufacturer that works exclusively in solid wood. Produced in Bindo di Cortenova, a small town in the Valsassina valley, Grattarola’s collection includes kitchen cabinetry, shelving, tables, beds, consoles, nightstands, and closets. Known for craftsmanship and beauty, “Grattarola expresses the soul of the location, its power and character.”
Posted July 4th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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