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Sahara Rug by Gabriela Reyna for Alpha Custom Rugs

Using the wool known as the "Gold of the Andes", the Alpaca is hand-tufted into customizable rug collections in the beautiful South American country of Peru. In one new rug specifically - entitled the Sahara rug - the wild animal look goes beyond its texture and into the gorgeous animal print upon its surface.

Sahara rug. Designed by Gabriela Reyna. Manufactured by Alpha Custom Rugs.

Soft Texture and Wild Prints of Modern Alpaca Wool Rugs

Using the Alpaca wool as its signature fiber, Alpha Custom Rugs' Alessandra collection is full of vibrant floor solutions with the Sahara rug forming one of the newest and most exotic examples. From its plush texture - that is available in 50% Alpaca and 50% Highland Wool, or 100% Highland Wool, each with inserts of baby alpaca fur - to its high quality finishing in 2 cut pile levels, the signature fibers used sell each rug based on dense softness alone.

Sahara rug. Designed by Gabriela Reyna. Manufactured by Alpha Custom Rugs.

The Sahara rug comes in colors and sizes which will custom fit and match any project. Since the delivery time is 10-12 weeks, they're able to turn pieces around very quickly when compared to the rest of the custom rug market.

Sahara rug. Designed by Gabriela Reyna. Manufactured by Alpha Custom Rugs.

Originally reserved for Incan royalty, the Alpaca wool used by Alpha Custom Rugs can be looped into beautiful rugs to offer up the same feeling, as if meant for a queen.

About the Manufacturer: Starting in 1993, Alpha Custom Rugs filled the hole in the rug market by creating hand-tufted rugs out of Alpaca, Llama, Sheep or blends of fibers. With their headquarters in New Jersey and their production facilities in Peru (as of 1999), the specialty rugs they create are great for interesting projects that benefit from a hands-on, customizable approach to rug designing.
Posted July 18th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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