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Allsteel and BMW Group DesignworksUSA Collaborate on the Clarity Chair

Apart from my high school buddy’s 1972 lime green number (trust me, it was cool at the time), I’ve never ridden in a BMW. But I’d wager that the driver’s seat of virtually any of that company’s contemporary models is ergonomic and intuitive—comfortable and functional without resorting to the proverbial bells and whistles. I say this in light of the vaunted versatility and streamlined aesthetic of Allsteel’s new Clarity Seating Series. Designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Clarity “combines a pure, honest aesthetic that transcends the floorplan with an unexpected comfort that anticipates your every posture.”

Clarity chair. Manufactured by Allsteel.


Add Some Clarity To Your Workstation

Clarity Chair. Manufactured by Allsteel.

Allsteel’s latest contribution in the fight against the sedentary blahs, Clarity is a collection of task, guest, and lounge seating, each with the kind of slim profile and lean design that evokes, oh, I don’t know... the speedy precision of a top-notch automobile?

Clarity Chair. Manufactured by Allsteel.

What does Clarity have in common with BMW? How about precision adjustment with a minimum of user effort, a desirable combination of head-turning yet staid aesthetics, as well as the ability to run on all cylinders—as it were—or back off the gas and hum along at a genial pace.

Clarity Chair. Manufactured by Allsteel.

Perhaps the auto metaphors only go so far, but, depending on the user’s needs, Clarity is either workhorse or laissez-faire lounger. Its aluminum frame and base offer a propitious synthesis of lightweight and durability; its continuous mesh seat and back provide reliable ergonomic support without sacrificing an iota of style; and its neutral seat pan facilitates the kind of customized collaboration that’s de rigueur in today’s dynamic workplace: “Sit upright. Side sit. Turn around. Or lean over the back. With no fussing and less fine-tuning. Anywhere you go, and any way you sit, it works.”

Clarity Chair. Manufactured by Allsteel.

About the Manufacturer: From the unlikely locale of Muscatine, IA, Allsteel, Inc. holds fast to their conviction that “there’s always a better way to improve efficiency and foster teamwork.” The company has a serious stake in keeping pace with evolving workplace trends. Just so, they’ve recently released such award-winning products as Acuity seating, Seek stacking chairs, and Merge conferencing tables. The company also boasts the distinction of being the first contract manufacturer to earn certification of all products as Indoor Advantage or Indoor Advantage Gold—standards set by the EPA for indoor air quality and low emissions of VOCs.
Posted June 22nd, 2012 by Joseph Starr


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