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Thomas Schrunk’s Beautiful Flow Pattern Flooring

One might gather from designer Thomas Schrunk’s self-styled description as an “artist in lustrous materials,” that his creations have a distinctive stylistic bent. And so they do. Not to diminish Schrunk’s engaging and innovative designs with concrete and brushed metals, but his work with wood strikes my fancy above all, particularly the 6” square tile wood that he refers to as Flow Pattern Flooring.

Flow Pattern Flooring. Designed and Manufactured by Thomas Schrunk Flooring.

Thomas Schrunk’s Flow Pattern Flooring is a Whole New Brand of Parquet

Dare I refer to them as “parquet?” As readers will know from a previous post (see the recent Bolefloor and Jamie Beckwith’s Enigma Collection), I’m not typically a fan. Unless, that is, the parquet in question involves a clever updating that—so to speak—spins the wood in an entirely different direction.

Flow Pattern Flooring. Designed and Manufactured by Thomas Schrunk Flooring.

In contrast to the parquet of yore, Schrunk’s wooden tiles are designed to create a particularly dynamic effect. By deciding in advance on a certain degree of  “flow,” Schrunk is able to process each tile with an angular cut to the grain: “so, based upon the flow design, there will be different numbers of 0, 10, 20...”

The ultimate effect is worthy of Schrunk, not to mention any self-respecting artist of lustrousness. Depending upon the desired impression, the final installed floors resemble swirling eddies of autumn leaves, or golden geysers of celestial light, such is the dynamic sense of movement and flow.

Flow Pattern Flooring. Designed and Manufactured by Thomas Schrunk Flooring.

And as concerns that last term, the flow in “Flow Pattern” describes the innate directional inclination of these lovely floors, as the degree of the cut is a natural cue for which way to move throughout a space. The result is a pronounced sense of lightness, an engaging texturality, a mesmerizing impression of movement and depth.

Flow Pattern Flooring. Designed and Manufactured by Thomas Schrunk Flooring.

About the Designer: Renowned veneer artist Thomas Schrunk has recently branched out into something a bit more pedestrian than his one-of-a-kind works of art. And while it’s true that his amazing Flow Pattern Floors are intended to be trod upon, they’re also guaranteed to make a distinctive aesthetic impression. Working with woods such as Brazilian Cherry and White Oak, Schrunk cuts these 6” wooden tiles with a specific pre-determined angle against the grain. The installed floors embody the flow of the product name, as the final pattern dictates the natural path that users will take through a space.
Posted May 2nd, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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