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Of Dark Suspense: The Loop Lamp by Quentin de Coster

Bygone be rigid task lamps, welcome the new form of trapeze bar-looking, directed lighting by a young Belgian designer who seems to know a thing or two about working hard to get where you want to be. His name is Quentin de Coster, and his Loop lamp - that exemplifies specified illumination - hangs from the ceiling, giving your task surface the maximum amount of work area necessary to get the job done.

Loop lamp. Designed by Quentin de Coster.

The Belgian Design of Loop Lamp: A Task Lamp that Hangs with Pointed Intensity

Made out of powder-coated steel and wire, the Loop lamp's swinging flexibility and ceiling-hung ergonomic position stands out as a dark but endearing object that finishes at the bottom with a loop and a bulb. As de Coster states of his design, "Usually unattractive, the electrical cable is here used to direct the lighting by a sliding motion turning it into a nice graphic element."

Loop lamp. Designed by Quentin de Coster.

"On top of it, the Loop lamp adopts different triangulations according to your requirements and draws beautiful lines in space," he explains of the austere matte black lighting fixture and its matching rubber cord casing. Whether inspired by his studies in industrial design at the ESA Saint-Luc Liège or the following classes taken at the Politecnico di Milano, de Coster's prolific range of work ethic-driven to playful designs show an expansive appreciation he must have for modern innovation.

Loop lamp. Designed by Quentin de Coster.

Perhaps as a metaphor to his design style, he finishes the Loop lamp's design statement by saying that "in a nutshell, (it is) a contemporary light that is interesting both off and on."

About the Designer: Belgian designer, Quentin de Coster, was born in Liège in 1990. After his formative years proved his interest in object design and art, he went for industrial design at the ESA Saint-Luc Liège in 2008 before moving to Italy where he studied at Politecnico di Milano for a year, graduating in 2011. Forming his own studio back in his hometown, Quentin de Coster now develops products and furniture, collaborating with other designers and manufacturers worldwide.
Posted May 18th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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