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Eskayel’s New VOC/PVC Free Wallpaper: The Poolside Collection

Like a tie dye t-shirt flung onto modern wallpaper design, ICFF 2012 saw the start of Eskayel's new collection with carefree, watered down designs with a dash of color. Their brand new Poolside Collection features eight different patterns that contain abstract shapes and lines that magically come together in perfect symmetry.

Poolside Collection - Kaya in Virdian wallpaper. Designed by Eskayel.

Poolside Collection of Organic Wallpaper Uses Natural, Recycled Materials

Taking their wallpaper and fabric company to brand new heights, the environmental design team at Eskayel is based in Brooklyn, New York and somewhat determined to be seen by the big dogs as a contender in wallcovering design. While they also offer the eight different Poolside patterns - Kaya, Natale, Poolside, Reflection, Ripple, Solitaire, Splash and Ula - in textile, pillow and small basket form, each of the designs that make up Eskayel's Poolside Collection make the biggest splash on the walls themselves.

Poolside Collection - Kaya in Virdian wallpaper. Designed by Eskayel.

Poolside Collection - Natale in Brick paper. Designed by Eskayel.

Each of the Poolside Collection's wallpaper patterns come in a sample size of 8.5" x 11" and a strike off size that measures 24" x 24". The roll size itself is 2' x 18' or in custom panel lengths based on the individual ceiling's height. Using all natural and recycled grounds, their made-to-order fabrics and wallpaper are great for eco-friendly commercial projects and residential design alike as they use water-based inks and are completely VOC/PVC free.

Poolside Collection - Kaya in Virdian wallpaper. Designed by Eskayel.

Poolside Collection - Poolside in Pool wallpaper. Designed by Eskayel.

Using a lightweight feel, the wallpapers of Eskayel reflect the beauty of their parts with the subtle hues found in their Poolside Collection.

About the Designer/Manufacturer: Founded back in 2008, Eskayel was the creation of artist and designer Shanan Campanro. With a history working in graphic design and also fashion, Campanro always felt her heart belonged in interior design. As her website states, she "lived in many different spaces and more than a few countries before the age of 30," making each of her select home environments very important to her "self expression and comfort".
Posted May 29th, 2012 by Sonja Hall


  • Shanan says:

    Hi Sonja,
    Shanan from Eskayel here!  While we very much appreciate your posting about our product there are some serious discrepancies in fact here. This article says multiple times that our wallpapers are organic and on recycled paper and they just are not.
    We don’t say they are in any of our own literature, and i just feel its a real misrepresentation and don’t want to mislead your readers.  Our paper is eco friendly becausee it is VOC and PVC free and we using water-based inks.   We do have organic cotton denim fabric and our contract paper is 30% recycled, but our regular wallpaper is neither recycled or organic…. it is just eco friendly compared to a lot of other hand screened wallpaper out there.

    Again thanks for the post, but please make these corrections.

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