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Change It Up with Tetran Modular Furniture

Here’s a whole new wrinkle to the marketing ploy/industry buzzword known as modular furniturea; Tetran, as you might infer from the name, borrows from both the iconography of computer animation as well as the timeless childhood pastime of the building block. To be more specific, company founder and CEO Ruke Keragala admired both Legos and Transformers as a child, and he has instilled his extraordinarily versatile modular furniture system with a good dose of both.

Tetran Modular Furniture. Designed by Ruke Keragala. Manufactured by Tetran Living.

Build the Interior Landscape of your Dreams with Tetran Modular Furniture

Much in the spirit of the former, Tetran’s material profile is deceptively simple and mysteriously complex at once. The basic building block is a ¾” mdf panel, available in multiple shapes and sizes from long, thin rectangles to basic squares. Each and every one of these attaches together with Tetra’s patented FX_Facet Assembly or LX_Locks—a one-size-fits-all attachment mechanism that makes assembly (and dis-assembly) as easy as the snap of a Lego block.

Tetran Modular Furniture. Designed by Ruke Keragala. Manufactured by Tetran Living.

Next, the CX_Cushions offer five inches of support foam capped with a three inch foam topper for superlative ergonomics and comfort—“changeable covers offer limitless fabrics and color options.”

Tetran Modular Furniture. Designed by Ruke Keragala. Manufactured by Tetran Living.

Apropos of the idea of no limits, any self-respecting-kid who came of age in the 70s knew of the endless potential offered by Lego’s ingenious system. One could build skyscrapers and seascapes, rollercoasters and railroads with equal facility. Just so with Tetran, as the panels can either be embellished (with fabric, leather, or paint) or procured in the texturally interesting and visually compelling incarnations of hardwood, metal, glass, or stone.

Tetran Modular Furniture. Designed by Ruke Keragala. Manufactured by Tetran Living.

The tremendous variety of finish options lends Tetran its extraordinary versatility. As you can see by taking a gander at the video on the Tetran website, said versatility manifests in quick change transformability and well-nigh endless adaptation: from clean, cool modern kitchens in a palette of silver, white, and icy blue glass; to contemporary office schemes with dark leather and smoky transparent panel partitions; to an oversized lounging booth in the chic tones of velvety red.

Via GizMag.

About the Manufacturer: Fed a steady diet of Legos and Transformers throughout his childhood, Sri Lankan-born Ruke Keragala parlayed this early passion for modular construction into “a new kind of furniture incorporating the modular principles of LEGOs and the transformative nature of Transformers... This transformative new type of modular furniture would meet the basic criteria of every furniture shopper.” The Tetran Modular System features interchangeable panels in recycled MDF, stone, metal, or wood; the integrated cushions can be outfitted in multiple colors and fabric styles, including leather, cotton, linen, fleece, wool, and silk.
Posted May 18th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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