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The Sustainable Anti-Fly Spheres by José de la O

While spending some time in West Africa at a small, authentic French restaurant/hotel, I had my first sighting of the large plastic bags hung from the sides of their outdoor dining area’s thatched roof. While most have apparently seen said baggies hanging with water in them while in Central and South America, this French business owner and design guru had an eye for functional design elements. In fact, she even plugged tiny Christmas lights in select locations to dance through the clear and mission-driven sources of natural bug repellent.

Anti-Fly Spheres. Designed by José de la O.

Keep Bugs Away with a Mexican Tradition

Upon first glance of the Anti-Fly Spheres that José de la O recently designed, I felt a connection to the beautiful glass bags that sustainably replace the plastic bags and their heavy, pregnant appearance. As de la O explains of the inspiration he had to design the spheres, “The use of a plastic bag full of water hanging from the ceiling of several taco kiosks on the streets is a traditional way to scare flies away in most of the food markets on urban Mexico.”

Anti-Fly Spheres. Designed by José de la O.

“The refraction of the water amplifies the colors and movements for the sensible eyes of a fly reflected on this sphere, scaring it away, making it the perfect sustainable pesticide, on a way that the insect remains harmless and the food is free of flies,” he continues.

Anti-Fly Spheres. Designed by José de la O.

And indeed his design has flourished as a long-term bug solution for patios and outdoor areas that can benefit from the permanence and optical imagery of a glossy, glass teardrop-shape.

Anti-Fly Spheres. Designed by José de la O.

Available in Europe and in the United States, at several varied locations, the Anti-Fly Spheres are the next best thing to ridding ourselves of pesty bugs altogether by diminishing their presence while enjoying ourselves in the great outdoors.

About the Designer: Mexico-born, Netherlands-based José de la O works on two types of design: human communication alternatives and products based on sustainability and cultural ingenuity. His own studio was initiated in 2010 when he began researching and designing products, consulting on creative endeavors and even solving design dilemmas for clients like Philips and Kartell. Most recently, José de la O was recognized by Architectural Digest Mexico as one of the Top Ten Mexican Young Designers.

Posted May 21st, 2012 by Sonja Hall

  • Justforfun5

    These look so rad! Much cooooooler than tacky old zip lock bags hanging around ya!

  • Just J

    How can I purchase one of these ?

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