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1010 Bina Chairs by Frank Person for Kusch+Co.

When out for a great meal at a great restaurant with great service, we still want to be blown away by the intricate details that seem like second-nature to an exquisite, fine dining server. Sure, they’re putting on a show (we all know how that goes) but the ease in which they pour a bottle or hold a large platter is something of a phenomenon.

1010 Bina chairs. Designed by Frank Person. Manufactured by Kusch+Co.

The Beautiful 1010 Bina Chairs Bring Together a Timeless Look with Contract Quality for Any Setting.

While not designed for the hospitality or service industries, the 1010 Bina by Kusch+Co. dish up a fancy platter of their own… except instead of serving food, it’s instead a seat that sits poised atop colorful legs. As the designer of the chairs, Frank Person, describes them within the Kusch+Co. website, they represent “stability paired with elegance”. Combining solid wood with a fine figure that has been designed to the cut specified by the UK-based designer.

1010 Bina chairs. Designed by Frank Person. Manufactured by Kusch+Co.

Continuing, Kusch+Co. speaks of the 1010 Bina chairs being “a synthesis of simplicity and playfulness”. Using his eye for color and shape, after having been trained as a glassblower at the glass-working school of Hadamar, Frank Person brings to life the graceful, platter-esque chairs for the contract furniture company Kusch+Co.

1010 Bina chairs. Designed by Frank Person. Manufactured by Kusch+Co.

1010 Bina chairs. Designed by Frank Person. Manufactured by Kusch+Co.

About the Manufacturer: Frank Person is a glassblower, industrial designer and furniture designer who was born in 1963. He is the founding member and co-owner of the company Orange Design, founded in 1993. In the year 2000, he opened up his own design office that he calls fp.formgebung, and continues to freelance for companies like Koziol, Wella, Nusser, Steng Licht, and Kusch+Co. His designs are characterized by durability and a clever materials usage and have been honoured by IF Hannover and Design Center Stuttgart.

Posted May 18th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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