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Metallic Mystery: Chroma Morph by 3form

Chroma is getting all dressed up. The translucent monolithic material made by 3form is now available in an exclusive range of metallic fabrics known as Chroma Morph. The three finishes—Morph Sterling, Morph Graphite, and Morph Platinum—lend the material an ethereal, ghostly quality. Like thick London fog or crepuscular dew, Chroma Morph evokes mystery with its smoky texture, taking Chroma from colorful to cryptic.

Chroma Morph. Manufactured by 3form.

Metallic Fabrics Dress Up 3form’s Monolithic Material

Chroma Morph. Manufactured by 3form.

Chroma Morph are handmade fabrics designed specifically for 3form Chroma. The designs feature small weaves woven in silver, gold, and black, creating “a mysterious effect as the source of the reflection is hard to identify.” The reflective material looks best when front lit, though even when backlit, the metallic yarns cast wondrous shadows. And you can further enhance Chroma Morph by adding any of 3form’s standard colors or a diffuser layer “to define the perfect opacity.”

Chroma Morph. Manufactured by 3form.

Chroma Morph creates high drama—without the trouble of traditional textiles. The renewable monolithic material from 3form is highly durable, so you can get the look of a soft and supple weave within an enduring material. Get the vaporous cast of the English Highlands or the cloudy ether of a smoky club with Chroma Morph.

Chroma Morph. Manufactured by 3form.

About the Manufacturer: 3form cites multiple sources of inspiration in their rising trajectory as a leading manufacturer of innovative materials: committed people, breakthrough products, and a better planet. The first refers to their unparalleled team of designers, materials engineers, and architects; the second references achievements in lightweight, durable, and sustainable materials like Varia Ecoresin; and the third encapsulates 3form’s pledge to go green—to use renewable sources for power production, to employ reclaimed and recycled materials in the production stream, and to incorporate features that help earn LEED points in a variety of categories.

Posted May 17th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

  • brisbane carports

    betting for this breakthrough to be the future standard..more power

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