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Glorified Deception: The Floating Half Illusion Lamp by Northern Lighting

A deceptive idea or impression can be either good or bad. Interpersonal deception rarely refers to a positive feeling, whereas the idea an inanimate deception - often called an optical illusion - makes us implore the surreal, wanting to see more of the trickery played upon our eyes. The Norweigen company of Northern Lighting released their latest game of visual deception with the Half Illusion, a slice of their beloved Illusion lamp.

Half Illusion lamp. Designed by Hareide Design. Manufactured by Northern Lighting.

Partly Hidden into the Wall, the Half Illusion Lamp by Northern Lighting Acts as a Table Lamp-Turned-Sconce

Falling into the same product line of half and full versions, each of the Illusion lamps by Hareide Design are now available. The split version allows the Half Illusion to lie flush against a wall, while the full Illusion hangs as a suspended lamp that appears to be a table lamp floating mid-air. The Half Illusion illuminates a wall like a large, sconce even though its appearance suggests the wall behind it formed around the lamp itself, cementing it in place.

Half Illusion lamp. Designed by Hareide Design. Manufactured by Northern Lighting.

Just like its full-bodied, aluminum and steel sibling, the Half Illusion in shiny white or matte black combines the functional elements of light and a table. As Northern Lighting describes of each Illusion lamp in general, “it hovers above the ground, challenging our perceptions of gravity and our idea of two common pieces of furniture, offering the elements of surprise and magic. Combined in one, the lamp and table become the focal point of any space, whilst providing a place for your cocktail or your keys.”

Half Illusion lamp. Designed by Hareide Design. Manufactured by Northern Lighting.

Illusion hanging lamp. Designed by Hareide Design. Manufactured by Northern Lighting.

In the most refreshing form of visual deceit possible, the Half Illusion lamp’s useful nature as a tiny tabletop station breathes another twist into the Illusion product line by Northern Lighting.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Oslo, Norway, Northern Lighting is “inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light.” With “fiery souls who are fascinated by the mood-creating possibilities of light,” Northern Lighting offers a diverse and distinctive collection, including work by Scandinavian interior architects - like Gerhard Berg- as well as designers such as Hareide Design, Anu Moser, and others.

Posted May 8th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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