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The Tam Tam Light by Fabien Dumas for Marset

Everyone who has had the chance to see the Tam Tam suspension light by Marset plays the "When I Go Camping..." game. There is no doubt Marset is correct in saying it reminds them of a "juicy bunch of grapes, Nick Mason’s drums from Pink Floyd, and the constellation of Perseus" but I would add it also looks like an upside-down handful of helium balloons or a stack of bundt cake pans falling from a lofty kitchen shelf.

Tam Tam. Designed by Fabien Dumas. Manufactured by Marset.

The Tam Tam Gathers Lamp Shades Into a Downward Bundle of Subtle Beauty

"There are so many examples that could be used to describe the Tam Tam, a new perception in the world of lamps, which extols repetitiveness by focusing on the archetypal lampshade: a number of light sources pointed in different directions, geometrically arranged to invoke a feeling of organized chaos," continues Marset. Thanks to the design that bunches together nicely with the pull of the Earth's gravity into the central, large 50 cm diameter lamp shade, the Tam Tam is a high end lamp made by the Barcelona-based lighting design company that diffuses light ever so gently out from the central shade and satellite shades attached to it.

Tam Tam. Designed by Fabien Dumas. Manufactured by Marset.

Made out of custom-picked, colorfully-lacquered aluminum in black, white, orange, tobacco (brown), green or gray, the Tam Tam's satellite lampshades come in a smaller, 35 cm diameter, and can be added to the central shade as a trio or quintet. Each satellite shade can be rotated 360º by way of a swivel mechanism, allowing you to pick your preference, highlighting various areas of a room with the opalescent, methacrylate diffusers that bring out a warm white glow from deep inside each bundt cake pan or balloon. To match the Tam Tam suspension light, Dumas also created a handy Tam Tam sconce for wall applications.

Tam Tam. Designed by Fabien Dumas. Manufactured by Marset.

Tam Tam. Designed by Fabien Dumas. Manufactured by Marset.

Created for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms or the like, the versatile structure and color combination of the Tam Tam suspension light by Marset fit into a simple to elaborate living space of any size or caliber.

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About the Manufacturer: Falling into the often-criticized category of super contemporary design, Marset is a diamond in the rough. Based in Badalona, near Barcelona, Spain, this lighting manufacturer shows of one smash hit design after another.  Dedicating each decorative wall, suspension, ceiling, floor, and table lamps - as well as their outdoor and architectural lamps - to their audience "while simultaneously taking them on a journey", the collection of Marset lamps by unique designers makes a beautiful, lasting impression in any room.
Posted April 18th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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