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The Sibora Sideboard by girsberger

Sibora, designed by Lars Villiger and Andreas Pfister for girsberger, is a sideboard-come-buffet; it’s a storage shelf that easily converts into a multi-functional audio-video cabinet; it’s a clever, modular piece with quintessential Scandinavian styling, and it’s just what the doctor ordered for today’s flexible work-live environments.

Sibora’s Clean, Classic Aesthetic is Matched by its Unparalleled Flexibility

Looking at Sibora in one of its several incarnations, one would be hard pressed to imagine it could convert to another, such does it appear as a solid, expertly-styled single-use kind of piece. Nor does one easily envision it in its fledgling state; that is to say, un-assembled in its component parts: four L-shaped structural supports, three shelves, two differently-sized drawers, and one sliding panel front.

chest of drawers, sideboard, adjustable shelves, storage unit

The piece is designed to morph from the aforementioned state into its many eminently useful configurations with the slightest degree of user effort. This allows the changes dramatized on the girsberger website—the removal of the top shelf that converts it into an entertainment center; the addition of the sliding panel that hides files while conserving easy access; the re-location of the L-supports to allow un-interrupted displays of books and other items one wants to be on view.

chest of drawers, sideboard, adjustable shelves, storage unit

chest of drawers, sideboard, adjustable shelves, storage unit

Sibora features solid wood construction and painted anodized aluminum supports/sliding hardware. Available woods include beech heartwood, ash heartwood, oak, elm, American walnut, and European walnut.

chest of drawers, sideboard, adjustable shelves, storage unit

About the Manufacturer: Distinguished for their clean lines and fine wood craftsmanship, girsberger’s furnishings offer thoughtful solutions for office and home. The company’s product portfolio includes three broad categories: office, featuring swivel chairs and conference/lounge furniture; dining, offering tables chairs, benches, and sideboards; and Customized Solutions. “Be it reception areas, lounges, offices or conference rooms, restaurants or bars and canteens—with our expertise in producing tables and chairs, girsberger is an experienced partner for creating custom furnishings.”
Posted April 27th, 2012 by Joseph Starr


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