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Sustainable Planter: Palma by Eternit

Fibrous cement is a sustainable material that’s popping up in lots of places these days, being used for unique and interesting products. Swiss company Eternit makes its own brand of the stuff entitled Softline, composed of all natural materials: cement, limestone powder, fiber, air, and water. Extremely durable, impressively moldable, and totally breathable, Softline is also 100% recyclable. By partnering with talented designers, Eternit produces bold, stylish, and quirky products, ranging from planters to benches, and seating to bird houses. In their broad range of outdoor planters is Palma, a circular piece designed by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch.

Palma Planter. Designed by Rainer Mutsch. Manufactured by Eternit.

100% Recyclable Fibrous Cement Planter Regulates Humidity

Palma Planter. Designed by Rainer Mutsch. Manufactured by Eternit.

The shape of Palma Planter mimics the tropical tree for which it’s named. With horizontal bands like those found on certain palms, Eternit’s planter is both sinuously circular and interestingly reticulated. The shape will certainly please the person, but the material will please the plant: “Plants love this natural and breathable material, as it regulates humidity.” Softline is also frost-proof—Eternit gives the planter with a five-year frost guarantee. All these qualities make Palma suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Palma Planter. Designed by Rainer Mutsch. Manufactured by Eternit.

Palma Planter began in standard anthracite—and this cementish grey is lovely and neutral. The green of plants and trees, and the vibrant colors of blooms and branches, stands out against the anthracite. But Eternit knows that some people love color, so they now offer Palma Planter in any color, available by special order (RAL color coding): “This means that there are no more limits to your creativity when designing your garden or terrace.” And since Softline is colored all the way through, the color won’t chip or rub off.

Palma Planter. Designed by Rainer Mutsch. Manufactured by Eternit.

Via Contemporist.

About the Manufacturer: Eternit manufactures planters, furniture, and accessories constructed from their Softline material, a fiber cement made of cement, limestone powder, fiber, air, and water. Based in Switzerland, Eternit prides itself on manufacturing all their products in country and by hand. The company works with talented designers to create unique pieces such as Dune, an expressive seating system, and Bull, a two-piece planter in a bovine shape.
Posted April 18th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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