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Sensuous Silhouette: Kolorado Collection by Sifas

If you live anywhere there are mountains, you are bound to orient yourself by their peaks. In Denver, for example, you always know you are going west when you are headed toward the mountains and east when driving away from them. The mountainous forms live in your memory, creating a personal cartography. The awesome beauty and sublime grandeur of big mountain ranges is translated into the dramatic curves of the Kolorado Collection by Sifas.

Kolorado Lounger. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

Durable Outdoor Collection with Sinuous Curves

Kolorado Lounger. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

The creation of Mark Robson, all furniture in the Kolorado Collection pays homage to mountains. A bold sweep mimics the sweep of peaks and valleys, as well as the contours of the female body. But this dip has the added dimension of ergonomics: it responds to the human spine’s own curves, offering comfort and proper positioning. The linear rows of bent slats work in contrast to the furniture’s deep curve—this beautiful juxtaposition is perhaps why Kolorado has already become “a noteworthy reference point in the world of architecture and design.”

Kolorado Lounger. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

Kolorado includes five pieces: lounger, dining chair, ottoman, coffee table, and dining table with glass top. Intended for indoor-outdoor use, the furniture is built to last using the Belmadur® process. After bending identical boards, slats are treated with three layers of Belmadur® by BASF, which involves spraying furniture in an enclosure under pressure, thereby making it resistant to mold, humidity, and UV damage. The frames in the Kolorado Collection also receive special treatment: constructed of electro-polished stainless steel, they offer better resistance to corrosion than standard stainless steel; electro-polishing also increases a surface’s shine and smoothness.

Kolorado Lounger. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

The Kolorado Collection is available in Ebony and Blanc. Dining chairs and loungers come with optional cushions for seats in synthetic leather, a material that’s been tested for just about all outdoor conditions: “resistance to environment, sun, water, sea fog, freezing as well as to natural chemical agents.” You can rest easy with the Kolorado Collection—it fits the body, pleases the eye, and withstands the ravages of nature.

Kolorado Lounger. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

About the Company: Founded on the French Riviera in 1937, Sifas offer a unique variety of modern, contemporary and luxury furniture for poolside seating, patios, gardens and yachts, for the “inout” lifestyle. Sifas products are distributed throughout the U.S. by Brown Jordan, Alesso Modern Source, Moss, Miromar, Allegro Classics, Walters Wicker and others.
Posted April 26th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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