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Salone 2012 Preview: Stained Brown Oak Peg Chairs by Tom Dixon

The most popular-ranking dog breed in the United States, Canada and in the United Kingdom is currently the Labrador Retriever. Popular in black and yellow, the brown-colored "Chocolate Labs" are a less common sight, though equally as adorable. Upon glancing through the previous black and white designs of Tom Dixon's Peg Chair, our new favorite look is the 2012 Peg Chair in Stained Brown Oak, representing the gorgeous late-comer to the line of popular Peg collection.

Peg Chair in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

Stained in Brown, the Solid Oak Construction of the 2012 Peg Chairs Defines Confident, Modern Seating

"Inspired by the quietly pared down character of Japanese architecture," the Peg Chair for Dixon's 2012 collection of new pieces comes in three separate versions: the Peg Chair, Peg Lounge Chair, and Peg Bar Stool. Thanks to a trilateral connection that ties the three seats together with rounded legs and barely-visible curved seating, the Peg Chair series by Tom Dixon is both ultra-modern and comfortable in its brand new glorious shade of steaming hot cocoa.

Peg Chair in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

Peg Chair in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

The color of milk chocolate brown was developed by the Tom Dixon tea in what they say is a "reaction to the increasing trend of blonde Scandinavian wood and as a nod to traditional British pub furniture". The original designs of the Peg chair, released in 2010 and 2011, are the same 30.7" H x 20.9"W x 21.2" D size as the new Peg Chair, and therefore increase the standard café chair's color offerings to five: White, Black, Fluoro, Birch and Stained Brown Oak.

Peg Chair in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

Peg Lounge Chair in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

As for the mellow Peg Lounge Chair in Stained Brown Oak, it measures 28"H x 24.4"D x 15.7"SH while the Peg Bar Stool "plays with the proportions of the Peg Chair", using a low back-rest and minimal features in its taller, 34.6"H x 15.6"D x 28.7"SH stature.

Peg Chair in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

Peg Barstool in Stained Brown Oak. Designed by Tom Dixon.

About the Designer: Tom Dixon was established in 2002 as a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. The company has come into its own over the past decade with their knowing commitment to the up-and-coming and a smart mission to revive the British furniture industry (which many believe they’ve single-handedly done). Each year a new collection is released - like new versions of the Peg Chair family in this case - that is then distributed and sold in over 60 countries worldwide.
Posted April 13th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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