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Paper-Inspired Sideboard: The No. 216 by Jesper Ståhl for Voice

Did you know the international standard (or ISO) of paper sizes does not apply to the United States? I guess it's not that uncommon. After all, the United States doesn't exactly follow the metric system, and we don't exactl memorize the Fahrenheit-to-Celsius equation either. Following no particular terms whatsoever, the No. 216 sideboard by Jesper Stähl for Voice makes its asymmetrical mark with a name that ironically follows the ISO-216 paper standard rule.

No. 216 sideboard. Designed by Jesper Ståhl. Manufactured by Voice.

A Colorful Sideboard with Lots of Room for Contract Storage.

"The ISO-216 standard defines the unique proportions and size of an A4 paper sheet, where dividing the surface lengthwise gives a surface half as large but with the same proportions, a property that was discovered by early mathematicians," writes Abstracta of the design produced by their sister company. "Designer Jesper Ståhl started out from this harmony and property when the playful and thrilling sideboard No.216, a new, sculptural furniture for Voice. With doors in different shades of green, body of ash veneer placed as it is on two trestles, the furniture becomes a playful whole that visualizes classic mathematics and yet flirts with the Nordic nature."
No. 216 sideboard. Designed by Jesper Ståhl. Manufactured by Voice.

In a way, the perfect mathematics of the No. 216 also reminds me of the rules and methods for helping us understand how to fold complex origami figures. Thanks to the folded look in green shades that did so well prior, the 2012 Stockholm Furniture Fair, the No. 216 "has been enhanced" with two new colorways - purple and solid white.

No. 216 sideboard. Designed by Jesper Ståhl. Manufactured by Voice.

No. 216 sideboard. Designed by Jesper Ståhl. Manufactured by Voice.

Whether we use the No. 216 to house sheets of A4 paper or not, public settings can benefit from the vibrant combination of jointed colors in shades of green, purple, or a stealthy, solid white.

About the Manufacturer: Voice is one part of the Lammhults Design Group - the company that also has Abstracta - that creates classy, modern furnishings. While it started back in 1997, the high quality, contemporary furniture manufacturing firm is a leader in Swedish design for the home and public areas, such as education, office, and commercial settings. Appropriately named, the company is located in Lammhult, Sweden, nationally known as 'The Kingdom of Furniture'.
Posted April 23rd, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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