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Just in Time for Salone: Bolon by Missoni

How about this for a one-two punch and just in time for Salone, no less: wunderkind of Italian fashion Missoni and renowned Swedish flooring firm Bolon have teamed up to offer... You guessed it, the “Bolon by Missoni” Collection of woven floors. What the name lacks in creativity the line makes up for in spades, or, perhaps I should say, in big, bold stripes—in rapturous and ravishing conflagrations of fuchsia, aqua, and marigold

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

Missoni and Bolon Team Up to Offer Fashion Beneath Your Feet

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

Those familiar with fashion will know that Missoni is renowned not for the runway itself but rather for outfitting those whose feet habitually trod on top of it. Founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953, the famed fashion house has been at the center of the scene ever since, especially in regards to their “crocheted knitwear designs, made from a variety of fabrics in colourful patterns.”

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

Swedish firm Bolon, for its part, is known for its durable and beautiful flooring solutions for the contract market. In many ways, the collaboration between the two seems pre-destined, as Bolon has always drawn inspiration from the avant garde aesthetic of high fashion.

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

And the fruits of this collaboration are as vibrantly-hued and enticingly rich, as, well, fruit. And mostly of a tropical disposition at that. Bolon by Missoni is comprised of three distinct designs in multiple colorways: a pseudo-scallop pattern that manages to be both geometrical and asynchronous at once as it possesses a slightly psychedelic twinge evocative of the 80s video game phenom Space Invaders; a pattern of offset squares, each containing a dizzying array of fuzzy lines—suggesting both an EKG and a sine curve; and, lastly, a pattern of large, thick stripes in black and white, with smaller stripes in complementary shades of red, yellow, and orange, thus toying with perspective and the concept of a “vanishing point” in a most intriguing way.

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

Bolon will unveil Bolon by Missoni approximately one week hence at this year’s Salone del Mobile. I can’t think of a more appropriate venue to unleash upon the world the bold brash aesthetic of this “brilliantly coloured, uplifting and energising collection of exclusive woven floors.”

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

Bolon by Missoni. Designed by Missoni. Manufactured by Bolon.

About the Manufacturer: Bolon is a third-generation manufacturer of fine textiles and woven flooring. True to the company’s antecedents—back in 1949, founder Nils-Erik Eklund employed textile waste from a neighbouring factory to create woven rag rugs—the company incorporates innovations in materials to enhance sustainabilty and increase aesthetic appeal. In fact, the company name is a hybrid of the Swedish words for cotton and nylon. This pursuit of innovation extends to Bolon’s design and style as the company has embraced an aesthetic creativity that has made a Bolon floor a signature item—“floors that are a palette of innovative opportunities rather than merely a passive surface beneath our feet.”
Posted April 12th, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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