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Inspired by Topography: Areal by Nola

Swedish company Nola envisioned a table and bench that “mimic the landscape” with their Areal collection. The furniture is constructed from a combination of laser-cut metal panels “shaped to resemble fields of crops when viewed from above.” I would argue that the surface of Areal also resembles a topographical map (or a quilt, if Mondrian had designed such a thing).

Areal table and bench. Designed by Broberg och Ridderstråle. Manufactured by Nola.

Pipe and Sheet Steel Table and Bench

Areal Table and Bench. Designed by Broberg och Ridderstråle. Manufactured by Nola.

Areal tables include rectangular and square options. Both measure 72 cm in height and 72 cm in width (28 in); their length is 182 (71 in) and 72 cm respectively. Either size should last you a lifetime. Crafted with a pipe steel frame and a surface of 2mm perforated sheet steel, Areal tables are also “zinc-electroplated, gold-chromed and powder-lacquered with Interpons Pacific Avenue 2525.” The perforated panels that give the seating group its name are laser-cut steel. Intended for indoor and outdoor use, Areal pieces can withstand the abuses of the weather (or of your dinner guests).

Areal Table and Bench. Designed by Broberg och Ridderstråle. Manufactured by Nola.

The beauty of Areal, besides its durability, is in its perforated pattern. The constellation of holes “catch light and cast shadows.” Whether placed in a kitchen dining area or in an outdoor cafe, Areal changes the mood based on the amount and quality of light. Some people may feel that the wondrous shape-shifting of the light may not be worth the feel of all the holes embedded in one’s thighs; those users can opt for the bench with a wood slat top instead. Nola likes to please everyone, so they have thought of all the options, addressing both aesthetic and practical needs.

Areal Table and Bench. Designed by Broberg och Ridderstråle. Manufactured by Nola.

About the Manufacturer: Stockholm-based Nola lives in the outdoors. Their design niche is the man-made outdoor environment, and to that end they “design and deliver quality products that make urban environments a little bit more beautiful, and a whole lot easier to live in.” Nola’s line includes benches, chairs, and tables, not to mention planters, tree guards, trellises, and bike racks—if it’s part of the pedestrian infrastructure of the city, Nola would like to have a hand in it.
Posted April 3rd, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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