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Ecological Solid Surface Material: Durat by Durat

Anyone looking for a solid surface material that’s eco-friendly should investigate Durat, a Finnish product made from post-industrial plastics collected by the company in Finland and Sweden. This polyester-based material is made by granulating waste into small speckles, a technique that gives Durat “its distinctive texture.” Since Durat is 100% recyclable, the life of the material continues beyond the use of its applications. And the recyclable nature of Durat ensures minimal waste: “This means that we do not need to waste Durat pieces generated in production—we can re-use them and we are able to offer our clients the possibility to reclaim the material.”

Durat solid surface material. Manufactured by Durat.

Post-Industrial Waste Yields Three-Dimensional Surface

Durat solid surface material. Manufactured by Durat.

Besides its eco-friendly nature, Durat looks great. Available in 70 vibrant colors or custom tinted to customers’ specifications, Durat competes with other, non-renewable solid surface materials. From magenta and carmine to canary and lime, the colors look especially rich due to Durat’s speckled surface and “the silky way of the material.” Plus colors are not interrupted by seams: Durat is seamless when sanded. The material comes in sheets, though it can also be thermoformed to create curved surfaces. Additionally, Durat can be used to create custom pieces such as basins and bathtubs via flexible mould technology.

Durat solid surface material. Manufactured by Durat.

Other benefits of Durat include its longevity and easy maintenance: the material comes with a 15-year guarantee and renews with slight sanding. Durat is ideal for kitchens, baths, and public spaces. If you want to use Durat for applications other than countertops, the company offers a Design Collection that includes round and rectangular sinks, bathtubs of all shapes and sizes, and unique pieces like life-saver shaped stools and the colorful, sinuous Stratum Lamp by Karim Rashid.

Durat solid surface material. Manufactured by Durat.
Durat solid surface material. Manufactured by Durat.

Via Repeat, No Repeat.

About the Manufacturer: One of the largest manufacturers of solid surface materials in Europe, Durat has over 17 years’ experience in this field. Established in 1990 to create an eco-friendly solid surface, Durat has manufacturing facilities in southwestern Finland. The company collects post-industrial waste in Finland and Sweden: “This is a very concrete and substantial way Durat decreases the stress on nature.” Durat also manufactures design products ranging from bathtubs, sinks, and shower trays to stools and tables.
Posted April 3rd, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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