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Bolefloor’s Beautiful Naturally Curved Wooden Floors

Amid the myriad instances of waste that typically manifest during the construction process, one stands out as particularly egregious—the long lengths of hardwood that get planed off to create custom floors, stair treads, even exterior cladding. If only we could devise a way to accommodate wood’s natural curvature into the building process... Manufacturer Bolefloor has—their naturally curved floors transcend this former restriction: “It wasn’t nature that created straight floorboards: it was the limitations of technology.”

Naturally Curved Wooden Floor. Manufactured by Bolefloor.

Bolefloor’s Naturally Curved Wooden Floors Give Surfaces Enhanced Organic Appeal

Naturally Curved Wooden Floor. Manufactured by Bolefloor.

Formerly the province of a select few master craftsman—and their similarly select few clientele—the curved wooden floor has now ascended to prevalence, or at least achieved greater availability. The technology behind Bolefloor involves a combination of wood scanning systems, customized CAD/CAM protocol, and innovative optimization algorithms to allow minimal removal of superfluous material (knots and sapwood) and side-by-side matching of boards with curved profiles.

The resultant floors of maple, ash, oak, cherry, and walnut each boast the very same curvy character that made its antecedent tree one of a kind. And a Bolefloor floor is just that—no single board is the same, no one floor like any other.

Naturally Curved Wooden Floor. Manufactured by Bolefloor.

The combination of implicit customization, enticing aesthetic appeal, and conservation of resources is a boon not only to the lucky customers who’ve already beautified their interiors with Bolefloor’s intriguing serpentine texturality, but also to the industry at large. Bolefloor’s Naturally Curved Wooden Floors represent an impressive technological leap that is sure to have positive ramifications across the whole broad spectrum of architecture and design: “Just as Gutenberg’s invention literally freed the book from monastic confines, Bolefloor technology makes natural curved-length flooring available at a price not considerably more than today’s fine wood flooring.”

About the Manufacturer: As the first “industrial-scale manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree’s natural growth,” Manufacturer Bolefloor has not only pioneered the look of wood floors but also the process behind their creation. Using a combination of wood scanning systems, innovative algorithm optimization, and enhanced CAD/CAM programs, Bolefloor makes beautifully curved wooden floors that conserve substantial resources yet remain cost competitive with conventional wood floors.

Posted April 16th, 2012 by Joseph Starr


  • Vcedfw says:

    None of the wood making “Straight” floor boards ever become waste. It is reused into saw dust, wood chips etc. This is a beautiful product ONLY because of its wavy whimsical charm. Absolutely nothing else.
    It is sad when a Company tries to fool us, as we were stupid, into believe that their product has more qualities than what really has. Rhe days of the “cure-it-all” elixir are (Thank goodness) OVER!

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