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At Salone 2012: Origami’s Hunter Lamps by Si Studio

When I was a child, I could not stand to be taken anywhere there were animal trophies hanging on the wall. This meant that my parents had to check out restaurants and hotels that might have taxidermied deer, because if there were stuffed heads or bodies, I would cry—and insist on leaving. Of course, I cannot deny the beauty of such displays: the magnificent, towering antlers; the velutinous, soft fur; the evocative, haunting eyes; and the sheer awesome size of the animals (not to mention their form and musculature). One way to appreciate these creatures without actually using their dead bodies is to hang “an abstraction of the traditional wall of a hunter.” Showing at Milan Design Week, the Origami’s Hunter Collection by Si Studio is exactly that.

Origami’s Hunter Collection. Designed by Si Studio.

Abstract Animal Trophies in Industrial Paper

Origami’s Hunter Collection. Designed by Si Studio.

“Following the principles of origami,” Si Studio designed the lamps out of industrial paper, a material that retains the beauty of paper while also being resistant to high temperatures (it is also used in motors, transformers, and generators). In the shape of a rhinoceros, a deer, and a goat, the Origami’s Hunter lamps make a statement about the nature of man in his environment: you can dominate your fellow creatures, or you can see them as objects of beauty. Hanging on the wall, these lamps are white when unlit, presenting the animals as little ghosts. When lit, the lamps emit a golden glow, alive with their animistic souls.

Origami’s Hunter Collection. Designed by Si Studio.

Another piece entitled Migration Lamp is also part of the Origami’s Hunter Collection. Inspired by the migration of birds, this pendant lamp (how could it be anything else?) is made of a polyester paper “that is specially used for motor filters.” Combined with special LED plates, Migration Lamp hangs in the air with the dynamism of a Calder mobile and the gravity-defying spectacle of birds in flight.

Origami’s Hunter Collection. Designed by Si Studio.
Origami’s Hunter Collection. Designed by Si Studio.

Via Inhabitat.

About the Designer: Si Studio is a Chilean design group based in Santiago. Founded and headed by Verónica Posada, an industrial and interior designer trained in Chile and Italy, who also worked in New York and Barcelona, Si Studio creates lighting, furniture, accessories, and interiors.

Posted April 30th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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